Meet the Chef


Chef, nutritionist, food coach Jovi Kofinas grew up with a passion for food and cooking. Later on, in his High school years, he decided to become a Chef. After long years working in hotels, restaurants and bars, a life event change his way of thinking about food and gave him a new perspective on nutrition and how we process our food, plus the quality of the materials and the ecological footprint this whole process is leaving behind. ……Trying to find new ways of making things better made him more excited for the future. Jovi is born in Quebec, Canada but moved to Greece early in his life. Growing up on a beautiful island called Skiathos, he was always trying to find the treasures of the island both on land and in the sea, always with utter respect for nature. Finding food, healing people that enjoy food and making them smile after a nice meal is the best feeling and the largest payment for him.


Food is the medicine, cooking is the treatment. Be your own doctor.


xo – Jovi Kofinas